About Mike

Mike Loder has Luscious Hair

Mike has been slashed at by some of the
finest instructors

The Eye of the Storm knife series is designed by Mike Loder.

Although English born, Mike grew up on the mean streets of Remuera - New Zealand.

Well ... actually it was nice and he had lots of friends.

Unfortunately, being English, should he find himself in an actual physical confrontation Mike is limited to writing a jolly stern letter of dissatisfaction.

Even so, he continues to persue a strong interest in the world's edged weapons and blade arts.

He currently resides in Auckland where he enjoys shooting, petting small woodland creatures and writing in the third person.

On a serious note:


"It is my firm belief that if you harm another person, physically or emotionally, you lessen not just them but yourself.

The people I have had the privilege of exploring the blade arts with and the makers of the Eye of the Storm range likewise find violence abhorrent and a solution of the ignorant.

That said ...

It is also my belief that 'All evil needs to prevail is for good men to do nothing'.

The good men and women who ARE doing something about the evil that threatens all our freedoms need tools to do the job.

I have no qualms about supplying the goods guys with great tools. Whether it be a paramedic freeing a trapped victim or a SF operator tending to the needs of a terrorist. There it is" -  Mike