The AOS Knife

AOS Patch

The AOS is named to honour New Zealand's Armed Offender Squad - the first responders of the Police.

The AOS is a very specialized blade designed to be used in what is commonly referred to as the 'Pikal' grip. That's point down, edge in. This is a fearsomely effective system of knife use when employed close in - although also excellent at mid and longer ranges.

The AOS can also be held in the traditional forward grip if the need arises. Like our other knives, the AOS has an index ring but the blade protrudes from the bottom of the grip to allow hooking and lightening fast jabs. The razor sharp blade is five inches long.

A good technique for long range hand sniping in the Pikal grip is to pinch the top of the handle and use the bottom two fingers to snap the cutting edge back on the strike. The upper ring of the AOS allows this to be performed with much greater security.

The back edge of the AOS knife has an arc to aid in the catching of an opponent's arm during a parry. This can be serrated at the owners request - adding greatly to the model's ability to perform general tasks.

Light and strong, the AOS comes with a Kydex sheath. Instantly accessible but secure when not in use.

Like our SIS knife - The AOS is designed to be drawn and to engage the target in a single motion.

The AOS enjoys the same safety and retention characteristics of our larger knives. The deeply grooved G10 grips also offer excellent purchase in all conditions.

One unusual benefit of this top ring (Essentially like a Chinese ring dagger) is that the entire knife can be concealed leaving only the ring exposed. This still allows instant access - with the perfect grip everytime. No matter how blazing fast the draw.

The AOS knife comes standard with a corrosion resistant tactical black finish and matching grips / sheath.

Other colours are available at the client's request.

This blade is in final development and the prototype will be released in November 2008.