Customise your knife

Because the 'Eye of the Storm' knife range are custom made - we are happy to alter your knife in any way that won't compromise our reputation.

We can:

Naked Girl on Bath, Shaving with a TRG
  • Change the protective coating to one of your preference - then change the grips to match. Desert tan, Army green, hot gay pink. Your call.
  • Custom engrave your name or unit insignia.
  • Produce a presentation grade knife for a special occasion with rich bluing and striking polished wood grips.
  • Increase or reduce blade length.
  • Add a unique feature or tool. A wire breaker. Cord cutting notch. Wrench for air tanks. Wire stripper. The more exotic...
  • Serrations
  • Add or remove finger grooves
  • Use your choice of steel
  • Leave the top edge unsharpened if the law requires in your region.

Dont let the thought of a 'Custom price' scare you off. You get a blade unique to you, often at half the price of production offerings.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs.

TRG Hold

A pair of custom TRGs in grey with the more aggressive extended pommel option.

Custom Dagger With No Guards

Custom dagger with no guards.

Custom Dagger With Maple Handle

Custom TRG with no finger grooves, Maple burl scales and modest striking pommel.