October 2009

The TRG has been reviewed by the Russian magazine PROREZ. You can download the Russian TRG article as a 324 KB PDF.

December 2008

This was a really good year for Eye of the Storm. We launched our first knives and have had great feedback. Our blades enjoyed orders from around the world and to those of you who invested in our products this year - thanks very much for your support. Have a great 2009 people! More designs will launch soon in '09.

November 2008

Besh Big Knife

Teaming up with Besh Knives

Eye of the Storm are very pleased to announce that we are now working on a joint project with Besh Knives in Canada.

With a working title of 'Sak Sak' - the new knife will combine the 'Angle grip / Forward ring' concept and the striking 'Besh wedge' blade geometry. Resulting in a truly state of the art knife.

The Sak Sak ( Meaning 'Thrust'  in the Philippine blade arts ) will be released in early 2009.

Besh XFS Knife

The Besh wedge on his XSF-1 knife

Naked Girl on Chair, Holding a TRG

July 2008

SAS prototype

The latest SAS prototype is now testing and we are really pleased with it. The final design will be available in August.

May 2008

Modern Edged Weapons DVD

Now in production, this DVD will release near the end of the year. Thanks to the various companies and custom makers who have helped by sending product images and information.

Modern Edged Weapons DVD

And the winner is...


The TRG is now entered into the Designers Institute of New Zealand Best design awards.

Best Awards

April 2008

That Was Quick!

It looks like we have a company interested in a production version of the TRG. We are really pleased because we like these folk - so fingers crossed we can work out the details.

Production TRG

Eye of the Storm will be approaching knife companies who we feel would make a good partner to release a production version of the TRG knife. This will make the TRG much more accessible to the market but quality will not be compromised.

Thanks for the Support!

The Russian magazine Prorez Knife Magazine will be profiling the TRG. Spasiba.

Thanks to Giorgio Brancaglion for featuring the TRG in the Italian Magazine Armi- Coltelli. You can download the Italian TRG article as a 290 KB PDF.

American Cop magazine will be featuring the TRG. Thanks Delano.

March 2008


We are currently exploring a folding knife that still incorporates the forward ring and pistol grip. Stay tuned...

Duelling Pair

Art for arts sake ... We are also designing a cased pair of dueling knives, likely in Damascus steel. Forward ring and elegant rounded pistol grip in exotic wood.

February 2008

TRG Released

After over a year in development, the very first TRG prototype is delivered by Brent Sandow knives.

Thanks for the support!

The TRG will soon be appearing in the following magazines:

  • That lovely man Stephen Dick will profile the TRG in Tactical Knives Magazine.
  • Roy Huntington and Steve Evatt kindly give us a mention in American Handgunner magazine.
  • Richard Venola is also having our flagship featured in Guns & Ammo magazine.
  • Steven Dowd is running a profile of the TRG in Vol5 No3 of the FMA Digest.

Just too scary!

The editor of Knife World magazine declined to review the TRG because its "probably a bit too much of a fighting knife". Thanks Mark! That's the kind of quote I was after anyway!

Look for our more civilized offerings in Knife World in the future.

Likewise NZ Guns declined but will consider our coming hunter model for review.

Knives Australia declined to cover the TRG because it was too 'Bendy'. Yeah... That kind of lost me too. But it seems like a good magazine.

Kaye Jenkins from Australian Shooter declined because the TRGs " look rather 'tactical'". Yup. Yup that's fair. Again, they will kindly consider our follow up models for review.

The SSAA does a great job, for those unaware of their efforts. They are the Aussie equivalent of the American NRA and our own SSANZ and COLFO.

Keep it legal...

Here is the NZ Police guide to the knives that are legal to import into New Zealand.

Here is the NZ Customs guide.

Interestingly the TRG could only be imported into New Zealand with special police permission.

But we can make them here by the hundred...


Gotta love the law.

Thanks to Mike Hansen for the promotional photos that grace this site.