The SAS Knife

SAS Knife

The SAS is named to honour New Zealand's elite
Special Air Service.

This is a fixed bladed army knife with an edge geometry that excels in its special service military / survival role. Its razor sharp edge is easily maintained in the field and like the TRG, it is also a VERY formidable fighting knife.

SAS Logo

The oversize index ring allows the use of thick protective gloves - Repelling, cold weather, motorcycle, dive wear, decontamination, whatever.

The upper guard of the SAS incorporates a wire cutter.

The lower guard features a line cutter. The operater simply draws the line along the blade. If this does not cut it - the line / cord is then caught in the cutter and severed.

The SAS knife comes standard with an OD green corrosion resistant finish - with matching G10 grips and Kydex sheath. Other colours are available at the client's request.

This is also a good civillian choice for hunting / camping. Very strong, although can still handle fine jobs like skinning game.

The final SAS pattern knife is now available to ship.

LFB Technology

SAS Handle

Here at Eye of the Storm knives we offer the revolutionary and soon to be patented LFB technology.

The LFB - or 'Little Fucking Bag' system - allows the user to store a slingshot, fish hooks, signal mirror, matches and other survival bits for easy transport.

This way they don't need to be incorporated into the knife design. We know ... genius.

The LFB then gets taped to the sheath using our cutting edge TTS concept. That's 'Tape That Sticks'.

The SAS knife does not have a compass in a hollow handle, LED lights or launch flares. Its a knife. If you want gimmicks there are plenty of other options on the market.

Corporal Bill Apiata

You did us all proud

Our congratulations to Corporal Bill Apiata of the Service who has become the first soldier since World War II to be awarded the country's highest honour for bravery.

The Victoria Cross was awarded for his rescue of a wounded comrade in Afghanistan. He carried the severely wounded soldier across an awful lot of open ground while under heavy fire.

The very first knife we produce will be coming your way.