The SIS Knife

SIS Logo

The SIS is named to honour New Zealand's Security Intelligence Service.

This is the smallest knife in our line and is intended for covert carry where laws allow.

Although small in size and easily concealed, the SIS is still a formidable defensive tool for those who must go in harms way.

It is designed to be drawn very quickly - Presenting and engaging in a single motion.

It can be grasped and employed as a powerful push dagger - The operator can then insert their index finger into the eye and simply 'Make a fist'. The SIS then enjoys the same safety and retention characteristics of our larger knives.

The razor sharp blade is designed to pierce and excels at this. It is four inches long.

The ancient Roman army conquered vast territories after teaching their soldiers the 'Three finger rule'. A thrust of only that depth was required to mortally wound an opponent. Jumping ahead the British army taught the 'Three inch rule' during bayonet instruction. Again emphasizing the power of a thrust. Jump to contemporary study of blade effects and the same still holds true. The Emergency rooms of our violent world are full of victims who have been slashed with knifes. But those who were stabbed are all too often in the morgue.

The SIS can be used to simply cut the hand of an offender should they attempt to seize your still holstered handgun. Or be called upon to end a deadly confrontation should the user have no other options.

Unlike the rest of our line, the SIS comes standard with a leather sheath for its silent characteristics and lower profile. Kydex is still an option if the client prefers.

This blade is still in development and the prototype should be released in December 2008.