The TAG Knife

The TAG is named to honour New Zealand's CTTAG - Counter Terrorist Tactical Assault Group. Also affectionately known as 'SAS Light'.

This blade is very similar to the SAS knife in our line of forward ring knives. However the TAG has a true double edge dagger style blade - with just a hint of 'belly' to slash as well as it thrusts.

This can be drawn in a flash from its secure Kydex sheath. The sheath can be mounted anywhere the operator prefers - but on center chest is usually the favored position.

Brutally strong but very lively in the hand, the TAG has the oversize index ring standard to our military service knives. This allows the use of thick protective gloves when repelling, etc.

The TAG knife comes standard with a non reflecting tactical black finish - highly corrosion resistant. The matching G10 grips are deeply grooved for excellent purchase in all conditions.

Other colours are available at the client's request.

This blade is in final development and the prototype will be released in December 2008.