The USAR Knife

The fixed bladed USAR is named to honour New Zealand's Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams.

Made from a single piece of steel, the USAR has a rounded tip for safety and a very effective serrated blade.

The pommel features a glass breaker and the forward portion of the blade incorporates a safety cutter for seatbelts and the removal of a victims clothing prior to rendering medical assistance.

With a modest size, this tool is also ideal for EMT and other first responders. The weight of the USAR has been kept very low. Recognizing that it is carried more than used BUT it is brutally strong when needed. Holding up to abusive use like prying that a folder could never endure.

The USAR's corrosion resistant finish, G10 grips and Kydex sheath all come in a high visibility blaze orange. The sheath offers solid retention but instant access.

This colour and the unusual shape allow your effective cutting tool to be carried and used without raising eyebrows in this insanely PC society.

The deeply grooved grips offer excellent purchase in all operating conditions and a lanyard hole prevents loss of the tool.

The oversize index ring allows the use of thick protective gloves. Repelling, cold weather, motorcycle, dive wear, decontamination, whatever. While offering the highest level of safety and retention to the user.

The USAR design is now circulating around various local rescue personal and we hope to release the final evolution in August this year.

Our USAR is also an excellent option for rafters and parachutists.Giant performance for its size and the safety tip prevents piercing boats or the user.